2019 Conference Schedule

Monday, January 14

2:00 pm - Summit Registration
3:00 pm - Plenary Session 1: Daniel Im, "From Maturity to Missionary"
4:30 pm - Breakout Session 1 (see options)
5:45 pm - Dinner, Speaker: Cliff Robinson, Chick-fil-A
7:00 pm - Breakout Session 2 (see options)
8:15 pm - Pleanary session 2, Daniel Im, Lifeway, "Change and Discipleship Systems"
9:15 pm - Dismiss

Tuesday, January 15

8:30 am - Breakout Session 3 (see options)
9:45 am - Break & Networking Opportuity
10:15 am - SBC Agency Time
10:45 am - Breakout Session 4 (see options)
12:00 pm - Lunch (provided) & Networking
12:45 pm - General Session on Best Practices
1:30 pm - Closing Plenary Session: The Cooperative, An Analogical Report, Johnathan Gray, Georgia Baptist Foundation



BOLD Leadership for Churches Sake!  |  Daryl Price
Bold leadership is needed to help churches fulfill the Great Commission. This workshop will give biblical principles and practical tools to help you lead a network, church or team to make disciple making impact. Daryl Price serves as the Executive Director of the Noonday Baptist Association in Metro Atlanta. Previously he served on the state convention staff of Georgia and South Carolina in church planting.

Boldly Go Where No Association Has Gone Before  |  George Bullard
Learn the principles and practices of becoming empowered by God's future for your association. Ask God to pull your associaiton into the future using a spiritual and strategic journey that carries you through a time warp to a new universe where associations have never gone before. George Bullard is the Director of the Columbia Metro Baptist Associaiton in Columbia, South Carolina. George has more than 45 years of denominational service as a church planter, denominational missionary and church consultant.

Bold in Our Understanding of Church Life Cycles  & Leadership Styles  |  Bobby Gilstrap
Learn about organizational life cycles in religious organizations and typical life cycle patterns. Discover the predominant leadership styles for each stage in the life cycles and how leadership is the critical piece for turning an organization around toward greater growth and health. Bobby Gilstrap is the Eecutive Director of the New Work Foundation of the Stone Mountain Baptist Association.

Be BOLD In the Use of Kingdom Property & Assets  |  Bob Lowman
In associational ministry we have a unique position and an extraordinary opportunity to be managers of Kingdom resources God has provided for our family of churches. Specifically the properties and facilities that our churches own can become a resource the association can use for a variety of purposes—church plants, ministry centers, offices, training & conference locations, mission team housing and more. This session will explore what specific associations have done in managing property resources for the greater Kingdom good of their churches and communities. Bob Lowman is the Executive Director of the Metrolina Baptist Association in Charlotte, North Carolina.



Plenary #1   |   Daniel Im, "From Maturity to Missionary"
How does a church become missional? In this session you will learn a framework to help the churches you serve better evangelize and develop their members into missionaries.

Plenary #2   |   Daniel Im, "Change and Discipleship Systems"
Why is long-lasting change so hard to implement in the churches we pastor and serve? Learn about the discipleship systems that get in the way of change and what you can do about it.

Banquet Speaker   |   Cliff Robinson, Senior Vice President of Operations, Chick-fil-A

Plenary #3   |   Dr. Johnathan Gray, "The Cooperative: An Analogical Report"



Monday, 4:30 pm
Room 1 - Boldly Go Where No Association Has Gone Before
Room 2 - BOLD Leadership for Churches Sake!

Monday, 7:00 pm
Room 1 - Boldly Go Where No Association Has Gone Before
Room 2 - BOLD in Our Understanding of Church Life Cycles & Leadership Styles

Tuesday, 8:30 am
Room 1 - Be BOLD in the Use of Kingdom Property & Assets
Room 2 - BOLD Leadership for Churches Sake!

Tuesday, 10:45 am
Room 1 - Be BOLD in the Use of Kingdom Property & Assets
Room 2 - BOLD in Our Understanding of Church Life Cycles & Leadership Styles

NOBA Mission Statement

The Network of Baptist Association is a community of Baptist Associations networking to strengthen each other for the work of assisting churches in accomplishing God's mission locally, nationally and internationally.

NOBA Leadership Team

Eddie Miller, Executive Director
Larry Cheek, National Chairman
Sid Hopkins, Chairman Emeritus
Don Smith, Registration & Communications
James Tubbs, Technical Coordinator